Can be captured:
  • Blood preasure

  • Pulse

  • Temperature

  • Weight

  • Blood sugar

You have two options for data entry.
Either manually by typing in the values or simply by voice.

Data are stored locally in the app. External access is not possible.

Unfortunately, it is not possible to save the files directly to an online directory or read it from there. So you have to save the shared file in the local storage on the device and also download it from there. Uploading or downloading to the local environment must be done with the correesponding apps Drive or Onedrive.

If you are proficient in using the PC/mobile phone, manual input under "Keyboard input" is the fastest way. If you cannot or do not want to type so well, use the voice input.

For voice input via the PC, you need a microphone. For voice input via notebook or cell phone, you use the built-in microphone. No additional equipment is required.

Before starting, you should check under "Settings" whether the correct units of measurement are set. If necessary, also adjust the font size to the size that is comfortable for you.

No, you enter the values in natural language.

The number of measured data is not limited.

The Android App is free of charge. You can test the Windows app for 14 days free of charge. If you want to continue using the app afterwards, an In-App purchase of the Windows app for 1.99 EUR is required. Click here for the Windows App.

The App requires at least Android 10. The App cannot be installed on a lower (older) Android version. Alternatively, you can download a version from the Microsoft App Store and install it on a Windows device.

Click on the Windows sign (Start). You will find the app right at the top of the list under "Recently added" and under letter H. It is labeled Health data diary.

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